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Breast Shell Breastmilk Collector-Breastfeeding

Breast Shell Breastmilk Collector-Breastfeeding

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Made of soft, flexible, BPA-free silicone material, Lictin nipple shells are specifically designed to help bring relief to nursing mothers with sore or cracked nipples while saving every last drop of breast milk. They can not only soothe sore nipples, but also help with flat/inverted nipples or engorgement by protecting them against further friction.


Breast milk collection for later use

Soft, flexible shells for additional comfort

Holes for better ventilation and faster nipple healing

Low-profile design for a natural appearance under clothes

Shileld between nipples and clothes to avoid unnecessary irritation

Package included:

2*Breast Milk Collector

20*Breast Milk Storage Bags

1* Storage bag


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