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Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit

Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit

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Absolutely Safe for Baby

baby nail clipper

The trimmer safely and quickly trims and polishes little toenails and fingernails using an electric grinding method, protecting delicate cuticles and nail beds.

Additionally, it has an automatic stop function upon light touch, providing an extra layer of safety.

2 in 1 Nail Care Set with Auto Light

baby grooming kit newborn boy

Lictin baby nail file works in a low noise, whisper-quiet enough to trim baby toes and finger nails without waking up the sleeping baby.

Both the nail clipper on the bottom and the nail file on the top are built in with a front LED light, effectively ensuring to use in the dark night.

baby care kit


Round Head Scissors

Easily trim baby’s nails and remove hair from ears and nose with this scissors. With a rounded tip, you can protect your baby from sudden movements.

baby kit care newborn

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