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Baby Sleep Bag 0.5 TOG

Baby Sleep Bag 0.5 TOG

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Product Description

With a TOG rating of 0.5, the sleep sacks keep your little one from overheating and ensure cozy and sleep peacefully throughout the summer nights.

Baby Sleep Sack 0.5 Tog

0.5 Tog Soft and Breathable Organic Cotton Sleep Sack

Baby Sleep Sack 0.5 Tog

Adjustable Baby Wearable Blanket 0.5 Tog

The baby sleeping bags are available in three sizes and can be adjusted in length with fastening tapes on the back to accommodate your little one growth.

Note: S size (65cm/25.6in) without adjusting design.

Baby Sleep Sack 0.5 Tog

Sleeveless Summer Baby Sleeping Bag with 2-Way Zipper

The bottom with large space allows the child's legs to stretch freely for better hip development.

The sleeveless design also provides unrestricted arm movement for kids and helps prevent overheating on warm days.

Baby Sleep Sack 0.5 Tog

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