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Ice Packs for Kids-Reusable

Ice Packs for Kids-Reusable

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Product Description

  1. Compared to traditional gel beads,we use advanced medical grade gel filling,which provides better thermostatic effects and flexible.gel packaging can more adapt to any body part and meet the needs of all parts of the body, including the head, chin, shoulder, neck, knee, wrist and ankle.
  2. Children's skin is very sensitive,you need to be gentle to avoid any further damage.Lictin 3 packs of kid-friendly ice packs with adorable animal character soft fabric covers help to avoid frostbiting or burning kids skin.
  3. These ice packs offer versatile use, whether handheld or securely attached to the affected area for hands-free convenience.
  4. Unlike other brands,both the fastening straps and the covers are detachable. Simply clean the gel packs with wet wipes or soap water. And the covers can be easily hand washed.Keeping clean and hygienic is very important for kids.


boo boo ice packs for kids

Our kids ice pack comes with a fun animal design and features a soft fabric sleeve to help protect child's skin. Most importantly,the adjustable elastic strap allows children to hold the pack themselves for when they feel individually independent.

Just hand kids one and they holds it on themselves!

ice packs for kids

MULTI USE-Not only for kids, but also for adults in need

ice packs for injuries reusable kids

Lictin boo boo ice packs for kids can be used as: camping ice pack, picnic ice pack, ice lunch pack, frozen food, insulin box ice pack, breast milk bag, hot/cold pack, etc. Round small ice pack easily to keep in a first aid kit, backpack, vehicle, or anywhere you might need them.

booboo buddy ice pack kids


Method 1: Place the gel pack in freezer compartment for 15-30 minutes.

Method 2: Place the gel pack in refrigerator compartment for 30-60 minutes.

*Prolonged freezing may shorten product lifespan. It is recommended that you put it in the refrigerator ahead of time when you need it.

booboo buddy ice pack kids


Method 1: Place the gel pack flat in the microwave oven. Heat it up in microwave for 10 seconds below 850W.

Method 2: Submerge the gel pack in hot water (around 80℃/176℉) for 3-5 minutes.

*Do not place the soft cover in the microwave oven. Do not boil the gel pack for heating directly.

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